Academic Programmes

The BIZAD Leadership Development Programme (BLDP) provides NUS Business students additional development opportunities to realise their leadership potential and emerge a more holistic and outstanding graduate.

Students are selected in their freshman year, and will undertake BIZAD Leadership Modules unique to the programme. In line with the BBA/BAC curriculum changes effective from Academic Year 2017/2018 cohorts, the programme has been tweaked to provide more flexibility and options for Bizaders.  Essentially, all participants must complete activities in 2 areas:

1. Graded study modules (12MCs). This comprises BBA modules applicable in Leadership:

  • BSP3701X (BLDP exclusive) Strategic Management (4MCs).  This module has a specific focus on Business Leadership and is taught using Case Method. This module will be taught in a 2-week Executive MBA style period at the beginning of Semester 2 i.e. module starts on January 2nd for 2 weeks (may run slightly into week 1 of semester 2)
  • MNO3702  Negotiation and Conflict Management (4MCs)  This is an existing MNO elective and will be very useful for all leaders
  • TR3001* New Product Development (4MCs). This is an existing Business module and added to the BLDP for the Tri University Summer Programme; in fulfilment of the ‘overseas study mission’ component within the BLDP, students will take this graded module summer programme. *Depending on the requirements of the Tri-University Summer programme, this module may be changed to accommodate the overseas partners.
  • BLDP Unique (and exclusive) Independent Study Modules:
    • BLD3002 CEOs as Leaders (2MCs).This module has a subject of an actual CEO i.e. study a person. This can be the Alumni mentor assigned to the student in the mentoring segment of the BLDP.
    • BLD3003 Personal Leadership Development (2MCs). Students can choose an area of leadership to develop and journey with the supervisor to implement a development plan for personal growth.
    • BLD3004 / MNO3329 Topics in (Leadership) Management (4MCs). Existing Independent study module/elective that can span an interest area in leadership

2. Practical components/workshops. In addition, students participate in various activities and must complete at least 4 of these areas:

  • Compulsory Overseas Study Mission (for the majority of each intake, participants will join the Tri-Uni Summer programme in July of their intake year)
  • Mentoring by a Bizad Alumnus Executive
  • BLDP Exclusive visits to CEOs (CEO onsite)
  • Thinking and Behavioural (know-self/others) development workshops, e.g. Emergenetics’ “Meeting of the Minds”
  • CEO Global programmes e.g. “The Way To Success”
  • Community service projects
  • International Case Competitions

Recruitment is in Semester 2 of every AY and restricted to the freshmen cohort.  This is to allow adequate time to complete all components in the programme, and enable to students to maximise their learning opportunities and development.

Please contact Mr Koh Eu Beng (DID: 6601-1411) e-mail: of the BBA Office for further enquires.