BBA Admissions & Scholarships

Besides bond-free full scholarships, study awards worth S$5000 are available for incoming local and international students to our BBA (the leadership and management talent program) on a competitive basis.  Eligible applicants will be automatically offered these awards. Besides threshold academic performance, students' community involvement will also be assessed. 

Students awarded the scholarship are required to contact the Scholarship Manager at the BBA Office, located at BIZ 1, Room 2-7 at the Mochtar Riady Building, within the first two weeks after the matriculation/registration exercise to confirm your acceptance of the study award.

The Study Award will be paid out in semester 2.

  1. In general, current recipients of scholarships cannot be concurrently holding another scholarship, award, financial aid or bursary. 
  2. We recognize that deserving students should be duly rewarded. Students can apply and be offered complementary financial packages (i.e. student exchange package, residential housing support) concurrently with scholarships/awards/bursaries. In the spirit of fairness and equity, multiple or duplicate scholarships, awards or bursaries based on identical or similar purpose are not permissible.