Academic Programmes

Internships are, and have always been, a crucial learning and equipping experience for every NUS Business School student. From January 2017 onward, the NUS Business School has introduced three new full-time internship modules on a pass/fail basis. These are available for students from the 2015 cohort on to pursue.

Module Information

There are three Business Internship modules as follows:

1) Business Internship I – BI3001

  • 4MCs
  • Minimum 8 weeks/300 hours
  • Typically from May to July
  • For business related internships

2) Business Internship II – BI3002

  • 8MCs
  • Minimum 16 weeks/600 hours
  • Typically during the Semester (eg: early Aug – early Dec or early Jan – early May)
  • For business related internships

3) Business Internship III – BI3003 (also known as Work Experience Internship)

  • 4MCs
  • Minimum 10 weeks/400 hours
  • Typically from May to July
  • For non-business related internships

Business Internship Module Guidelines

Click here to download the guidelines relating to the above modules and underlying processes.