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(for students who matriculated in Cohorts 2016 and before)

Minor in Technopreneurship for all NUS Undergraduates

Since August 2006, the Minor in Technopreneurship Programme has been offered by the NUS Business School, having been transferred from the NUS Entrepreneurship Centre (NEC). As part of NUS’ Special Undergraduate Programmes, this Minor is open to all NUS undergraduates, including BBA students. Some Business modules have mathematics requirement as for BBA admissions.

The Minor in Technopreneurship Programme is almost a subset of the (a) Major in Management Programme, (b) Double Degree Programmes comprising the BBA, as well as (c) the Concurrent Master of Science (Management), MSc(Mgt), which can be further augmented by a Master in International Management (MIM) in Europe under scholarship. Students may upgrade from the Technopreneurship Minor Programme to the Management Major and then to either the double degree or MSc(Mgt) programme (subject to meeting the admission criteria of these programmes). Just like the Minor in Technopreneurship, these more comprehensive programmes are available to all eligible non-BBA undergraduates. MSc(Mgt) is also available to BBA undergraduates, as are many Minor programmes offered by other faculties.

The programme aims to encourage and develop the potential of NUS undergraduates in starting up a technology-based business. This curriculum complements the technical knowledge that the students have received, by exposing them to the approaches for exploiting such technical knowledge. This will enhance the graduates’ contributions to the economy by equipping them with the knowledge of the processes and mechanisms by which new ideas can be commercialized in the market, whether within an organisation or as an independent entrepreneur.

Students taking the Technopreneurship Minor option will be exposed to the various disciplines related to starting up and running a business. Students must elect at least four modules from Group A and at most two modules from Group B:

Group A Modules

  • TR2201 Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • TR3008 Technological Innovation
  • TR3001 New Product Development
  • TR3002 New Venture Creation

Group B Modules

  • MNO1001/MNO1001X Management & Organisation
  • ACC1002/ACC1002X/FNA1002 Financial Accounting
  • BSP1005/BSP1005A/BSP1005B Managerial Economics or EC1101E
    Introduction to Economic Analysis or EC1301 Principles of Economics (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences) (for module details, refer to Part III, Section A: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Out of the 24 MCs, up to 8 MCs may be approved substituting modules taken while on student exchange programme (on the condition that the modules taken are graded modules at partner universities). Modules taken on NOC with NOC module codes cannot be used to satisfy the requirements

Students may use up to a maximum of 8 MCs of their Technopreneurship Minor programme modules to double count towards other programmes.
Students in the Technopreneurship Minor shall bid online for Business modules via CORS.

It is very necessary for Technopreneurship Minor students to strategise well in order to be able to complete the Minor. It is not uncommon for Technopreneurship Minor students to run out of time before they graduate, and thus have to abandon the Minor.

Due to severe capacity constraints, the Business School’s Career Services Office would not be able to extend assistance to students in any Minor or Major programs offered by the School.

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