Student Experience

In addition to the regular semester Student Exchange Program, students can also participate in the Summer Programs to gain international exposure. The Summer Programs will take place during the school vacation from middle of May to late July. Each Summer Program will last from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

List of Summer Programs Administered by NUS Business School

  1. Doing Business in China – Peking University (2 weeks)
  2. International Summer University Program – Copenhagen Business School (6 weeks)
  3. WHU European Bachelor Summer Institute – Otto Beisheim School of Management (2 weeks)
  4. Doing Business in Europe –  European Business School (3 weeks)
  5. International Summer Program – McGill University (4 weeks)
  6. Business & Culture in Mexico – ITAM (6 weeks)
  7. McCombs School of Business BBA Global Business Program (4 weeks)
  8. HKUST International Summer Program (6 weeks)
  9. Summer School at Imperial College London (4 weeks)
  10. HEC Paris Summer School (6 weeks)
  11. Vancouver Summer Program – UBC (4 weeks)

Application for Summer Programs

From mid December to early February each year, emails will be sent to business students who are eligible to apply for the Summer Programs administered by NUS Business School.

Students can also check out GRO’s website regularly for the application instruction of each Summer Program administered by GRO.

Please note that:

(1) Summer/winter programs which are less than three (3) weeks (21 days) are NOT qualified for credit transfer.
(2) NUS Business School does not support summer/winter programs which extend into the new academic semester in NUS, application for LOA to attend these programs will NOT be approved.
(3) Module mapping does NOT equate to credit transfer in these summer/winter programs.
(4) NUS Business School does not administer any winter program

Credit Transfer of Summer Program Modules

With effect from AY2018/19 (August 2018 to July 2019)

– Maximum of 2 modules (up to 10 MCs) can be mapped for summer programs that are at least 4 weeks long
– Maximum of 1 module (up to 5 MCs) can be mapped for summer/winter programs that are 3 weeks long

Total of 12 MCs (3 modules) from a maximum of 2 overseas summer/winter programs can be mapped without having to pay NUS tuition fee. Additional MCs mapped will be subject to special term fee.

Students are required to obtain module mapping approval prior to the start of the summer program if they would like to transfer back the credits earned. Upon completion of the summer program, they will need to submit the transcript to the Student Exchange Office by 15th of October for credit transfer.

Similar to the Student Exchange Program, modules taken during the Summer Programs are non-graded, ie, not considered into the computation of the CAP.

Please refer to:, Q8 for the number of non-graded modules students can do in their degree program.

Students are to take note that credits will only be transferred for summer programs administered by NUS i.e., the Business School, GRO, or other non-business faculties. If the summer program is offered by a reputable overseas university but NOT administered by NUS, credit transfer is NOT allowed.