Student Experience

New application criteria with effect from AY2015/16

With effect from AY2015/16 application, business students may attend SEP in either Year 2 Semester 2 or Year 3 Semester 1/ Semester 2. Students going on SEP will also need to return to NUS to complete at least one semester before graduation.

Year 2 students may now apply to attend SEP in Year 3 Semester 1 or 2 during the October/November SEP application round.

Year 1 students may now apply to attend SEP in Year 2 Semester 2 during the May/June SEP application round after they have obtained their CAP after the exam in May.

All SEP applications are done online on EduRec.

SEP selection criteria with effect from AY2013/14

BBA’s Student Exchange Programme aligns itself to the Business School’s mission – nurturing well-rounded students who display the qualities of being Caring, Rigorous-thinking and Influential Leaders. Hence, with effect from the Academic Year 2013/14, a refreshed grading system was implemented.

The new criteria considers the academic, co-curricular, competitive, and entrepreneurial and community involvements and achievements of each applicant.
Applicants will still have the option of indicating their preferred universities and destinations as per previous application rounds, but the final allocation of exchange university will also be based on the holistic assessment of each applicant using the above parameters.

For the full details on the grading system as well as copies of supporting document templates to be submitted, please access the following hyperlinks:

For further enquiries or clarification of the grading system, please contact the Student Exchange Office. Contact details of the staff in charge can be found here