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Field Service Project (FSP) module is a team based project module for Business School Honours students only.

The purpose of FSP is to provide students a true learning experience by partnering with an established organization in Singapore. It is also an opportunity for the students to serve and contribute to businesses, social enterprises and not for profit organizations.

Students get to learn about an organization’s business model, value propositions, operations and imbibe the entrepreneurial passion and leadership from the CEO/leaders.

In return, students will provide an informative and diagnostic report (with the guidance of a supervisor) to the organizations to help propel the organizations forward in today’s challenging business environments.

Through these projects, we hope the students are able to gain a new perspective into the real world.


FSP provides a great opportunity for students to work alongside with an established organization. Students get to learn directly from the leaders/CEOs and their businesses while in engaging real-world business issues beyond what they have already learned in NUS and many more.

It is also an excellent networking platform for students to get acquainted with people from different organizations, business backgrounds, skills, expertise, etc. This will improve the student’s networking skills and also expand their networking group.

Field Service Project Guidelines

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List of Past & Upcoming Projects

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The Enterprise 50 (E50) FSP

The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards are jointly organized annually by The Business Times and KPMG to recognize and reward the 50 most enterprising local SMEs across all industry sectors. It is sponsored by OCBC Bank and supported by IDA, IE Singapore and Spring Singapore.

At the beginning of 2009, NUS Business School partnered with the E50 organisers to embark on a new educational project, which involves teams of BBA honors students working closely with each of the 2008 E50 winning companies to understand and study their business models, value propositions, business operations as well as their entrepreneurial passion, and leadership ideology. The students would then write a report in the form of an article profiling each company.
Beyond these profile reports, the student teams also write confidential in-depth consulting reports for the E50 winning companies. These reports, complete with the students’ recommendations for the companies, are also formally presented by the student teams to the CEOs and their senior management teams.

This project has since grown in reach and popularity, and is set to continue in the years to come.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all faculty members for their contributions and guidance in supervising the FSP.

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For further enquiries about FSP, students looking for a team or supervisor, etc, please contact Mr Chew Jian Dee on