Admissions & Scholarships

NUS Business School has a dedicated Development Office who works directly with Foundations, Corporations, Alumni and Donors for the following scholarships and bursaries specifically for Business Students.  All the scholarships are bond-free.

Current students who are not recipients of multi-year Scholarships (from NUS or external parties) and have a CAP of at least 4.00 are invited to apply.

Incoming freshmen will be considered through their application for admission to NUS (via Office of Admissions) during the same admissions process.

Applications are centrally administrated via the Financial Aid and Scholarships Online Application System, (by the Offices of Admissions-Financial Aid Office) and follows the University level time-frames, i.e. from 1 February to 1 April, for Scholarships in the next Academic Year.  Full details on scholarship applications can be found Office of Admissions –Scholarships site.

Interested applicants to take note of the following on conditions on receiving multiple awards:

  1. In general, current recipients of scholarships cannot be concurrently holding a bursary. To seek exemption, please refer to (c) below.

  2. We recognize that deserving students should be duly rewarded. Students can apply and be offered complementary financial packages (i.e. student exchange package, residential housing support) concurrently with scholarships/awards/bursaries. In the spirit of fairness and equity, multiple or duplicate scholarships, awards or bursaries based on identical or similar purpose are not permissible.

  3. Applicants who are current recipients of any award, bursary or scholarship have to check with the scholarship, award or bursary committee / administrators to obtain consent that you can hold another concurrent scholarship, award or bursary.