Academic Programmes

(for students who matriculated in Cohorts 2016 and before)

Leveraging on the comprehensive reach of NUS, Business School undergraduates may optionally apply to other NUS faculties to read one or two Minors, in addition to their Business or Accountancy Major, as part of NUS’ Special Undergraduate Programmes.

Students normally have to complete 24 Modular Credits (MCs; about 6 modules) for a Minor, which students most frequently gained without needing extra MCs to graduate with their single degrees. Please see the modules planning template for an indication. The diverse choices for Minors, as well as other related information, can be found on the NUS Minors page.

Please note that a Business undergraduate can opt for our Minor in Technopreneurship, but not our Minor in Management.
Instead of a Minor, Business undergraduates may also optionally complete a more substantial second Major as part of their curriculum. In some cases, a Minor may be upgraded to a second Major.

Non-Business undergraduates may opt for our Minor in Management or Minor in Technopreneurship.