Student Experience

Selection of exchange students conducted biannually

Selection of students for the exchange program me is conducted biannually. Students can now apply for SEP in the October/November application period for semester 1 or 2 of the following academic year, or in the May/June application period for semester 2 of the following academic year.

Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding to apply for SEP.

If you are a scholarship holder, please submit the letter of approval form for the awarding organisation. This should be submitted to the SEP Office.

USP students on overseas exchange may substitute up to one First-Tier module and one Advanced Curriculum module with USP’s approval. Please consult this link for details.

Please note that the International Relations Office facilitates by structuring preparatory programmes for some languages. The Language Preparation Programme (LPP) for some European countries, for example, may help but is not necessary for most SEP cases.

Students in BBA (Accounting) need to be mindful of certain restrictions. Double Degree Programs students have their own particular concern.

Selected Students

For a list of the approved equivalent modules offered by the exchange partner universities, students can refer to myISIS.
(Navigate to Records and Enrollment > External Study > Study Plan and Credit Transfer > Search Module Mappings.)

If the modules you intend to take while on exchange are not on the master list, please submit your mapping request via the worksheet in myISIS. Please ensure that you provide ALL the information required.

All modules taken on SEP must be approved before students complete their SEP semester.

If you need information on course curriculums, please refer to curriculum information for undergraduate students.

All students are to submit the consent and indemnity forms (above 21 years) and (below 21 years) –  by the respective deadlines given in the instruction package.

Students are encouraged to apply for the various scholarships, awards, grants and loans available for going on exchange, especially NUS Awards for Study Abroad (NASA).
Available funds include the SEP Loan Fund administered by the Registrar’s Office, the DUO awards, the NUS-UBC Lee Foundation Award and the Hungarian Scholarship administered by the IRO.

Students can also approach the Citizens’ Consultative Committee in their respective constituencies to check out whether there are any loans or grants available.